Invest in security and reap reliable returns with Inspire Mortgage Fund – A trusted choice for long-term, first-mortgage investments.

Unmatched Stability with Inspire Mortgage Fund

Since 2008, we have been helping Kiwis with their real estate assets across New Zealand. Our highly anticipated mortgage fund launched in 2023, benefiting from cost efficiencies and synergies with our existing business. We offer a conservative but progressive long-term fund, designed to mitigate risk.

Why Choose Us?

First-Mortgage Security

Our fund only lends to borrowers with proven track records and up-to-date accounts, assessed through a rigorous application process. Investments are backed by first mortgages over land and buildings, relatively conservative loan-to-value ratios, and General Security Agreements and guarantees.

Built-In Safety Measures

Our fund mandate requires us to hold 10% of funds in cash investments with New Zealand banks to ensure cash is available for repaying investors. We have a unique additional reserve fund set aside to safeguard against customer defaults.

Spreading the Risk

Deployed capital is in a mix of cash and property-backed securities across New Zealand. The fund is highly diversified, featuring many types of property assets with most around the $2-4m range, ensuring diversity and reducing risk.

Our Commitment to Security

We contribute 50% of our annual management fees to a reserve fund. These funds are used first in the case of a borrower default, effectively acting as an underwriting by the fund manager.

Investment Flexibility: Low Entry, No Hidden Fees

Invest with as little as $50,000 and enjoy zero entry or exit fees. While we ask for a 12-month withdrawal notice, we may choose to return your funds earlier, based on our discretion after receiving your redemption notice.

No Hidden Costs

Our all-inclusive management fee is just 1.5% of the total fund value. These fees are accounted for quarterly, ensuring you’re not blindsided by hidden costs and that your returns are maximised.

Built for the Future

Our fund is designed for long-term investments, with a minimum commitment of 24 months and a focus on 3-5+ year investments. Quarterly reports and distributions make this a hands-off yet reliable investment option.

Returns: Regular and Predictable

Receive a regular, uninterrupted 9.5% pre-tax income, paid monthly or reinvested for future gains based on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply reach out to us via the contact form found here.

A mortgage fund like ours is an example of one of the oldest collective investment schemes where investors pool their resources and entrust a fund manager in our case (Inspire Finance Limited) to oversee the management of Capital. It is the job of a fund manager to oversee the fund, source and execute lending opportunities suitable and inline with the funds mandate as set out in the partnership agreement.

For more information on risk, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statements. 

Simply fill out a notice of withdrawal. Our standard repayment policy is at the date of maturity or with 6 months’ notice to the fund. In the event fund are required to be returned before date of maturity or with urgency for personal reasons, the fund will work to return funds as a matter of priority.