About Us

Meet the seasoned experts steering Inspire Mortgage Fund towards low-risk, high-return investments. Your capital is in skilled hands.

Inspire Mortgage Fund

Founded with the aim to reshape New Zealand’s investment landscape, Inspire Mortgage Fund specializes in offering secure, property-backed investment opportunities with competitive returns.


With an experienced team at the helm and a unique approach to risk management, we prioritize transparency, consistency, and long-term growth. Our all-inclusive fee structure and focus on investor trust set us apart in the financial industry, making us the go-to choice for savvy Kiwi investors.

Our Team

Anyos Gonczy

General Partner & Fund Director

Anyos brings years of property finance expertise to his role as Director of Inspire Mortgage Fund. Specialising in asset acquisitions and legal matters, he’s guided the fund to a $50 million turnover in 2023 alone. Trust Anyos to deliver consistent, low-risk returns for your investment.

Jennifer Lambert

Group Accountant

Olivia Dalzell

Office Manager

Alex Stone

Company Lawyer and Council